Ultra Insect Repellent FIGHT THE BITE!


Looking for all-natural ways to FIGHT THE BITE or rid your home from unwanted harmful bugs? He Be G-Bees offers all-natural, toxin free products that help to repel & kill bad bugs but are people, pet, beneficial bug, BEE, & environmental safe!



Take back the summer and FIGHT THE BITE! He Be G-Bees’ Ultra Insect Repellent is an all-natural DEET FREE alternative to chemical laden repellents that are not only harmful to people but to beneficial bugs (including BEES) and the environment as well. With your skin being the largest organ and the fact that it eats everything that it comes into contact with, we wanted to make sure that our insect repellent was amazing “food” for the skin. We start with organic raw ingredients that are never tested on our animal friends and then with minimal processing we create our finished product. The benefits of this is twofold: 1. It aids us in leaving a small ecological footprint and 2. It gives you a product as close to nature as possible (which is also beneficial to the environment seeing that all body care products end up being washed off when you bathe or swim).


With so many “all-natural” insect repellents on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Start by looking at the label…we are a transparent company and will never use words like parfum or proprietary blend as we want you to know exactly what you are “feeding” your skin! If you are looking for the ultimate way to fight the bite from bugs like mosquitos, ticks, black flies, fleas, chiggers, and more but don’t want to harm beneficial bugs, including bees try He Be G-Bees’ Ultra Insect Repellent. Our repellent spent a long time in research and development to make sure that the organic essential oils we chose had a synergistic effect that offered prolonged maximum protection against bad bugs, but at the same time was not harmful to beneficial bugs or BEES, which is extremely important to us. In the end we settled on a one of a kind blend of 5 organic essential oils for their historic insect repelling properties: cedarwood (ethically harvested from trees that are NOT harvested for the purpose of essential oil extraction), rose geranium, rosemary, lemongrass & peppermint. These essential oils work in harmony to create a scent unlike any other insect repellent on the market, reminiscent of woodland trails, actually helping you blend into the environment. After all, you don’t want your insect repellent to be a people repellent too right?

Ingredients: distilled water, organic witch hazel, and organic essential oils of cedarwood (ethically harvested from trees that are NOT harvested for the purpose of essential oil extraction), rose geranium, rosemary, lemongrass & peppermint. 

As with all of our products, we do not use any synthetics, fragrances, or dyes. So go ahead and enjoy the outdoors again!


Whereas this is an all-natural product, if you would like to use this product on an infant, we still recommend consulting your child’s Doctor first just to be safe.


Please note, this is a people only spray. Essential oils can be toxic to animals, especially to cats who can only metabolize 4 essential oils (and no, clove and citronella are not one of them)! For the safety of your fur baby, we have created a special flea and tick spray that is safe for DOGS & CATS that also repels mosquitos, gnats, black flies, etc. If you are looking to use an insect repellent on your fur baby to keep those pesky bugs away, please look at our pet line. You can also call us with questions.