YLANG YLANG COMPLETE (Cananga odorata genuina) Pure Essential Oil 15ml


Pure therapeutic grade YLANG YLANG COMPLETE (Cananga odorata genuina) essential oil steam distilled from France. There are several grades of ylang ylang essential oil which are extracted at different times during the flower's distillation. "Complete" means the oil is the result of the uninterrupted 20-24 hour water and steam distillation of fresh flowers, instead of the usual 14-20 hour distillation, in which yang ylang extra, I, II and III are kept separate. Complete has the most therapeutic benefits.The benefits of this oil are:

*Reduces stress & anxiety

*Aids in reduction of PMS symptoms

*Fights fatigue

*Beneficial for insomnia 

*Promotes release of negative emotions

*Helps prevent signs of aging when added to carrier oil & applied to skin