SUMMER SAFETY COMBO PACK (mineral sunscreen & lip balm broad spectrum UVA/UVB spf 50, Ultra Insect Repellent, and Cool & Soothe ) SAVE WITH THE COMBO PACK!

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Your summer needs in one convenient  combo pack!

1. All natural broad spectrum UVA & UVB mineral sunscreen that is: 

*Specially formulated to be non-irritating 

*Fragrance Free

 *Ideal for the entire family, including those with sensitive skin

 *Free of toxic chemicals 

*Non-nano, uncoated Zinc Oxide is the ONLY active sunscreen ingredient! 

*Easy to apply, non-whitening, and non-greasy lotion packed with nutrients from organic unrefined coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic virgin shea nut butter, & organic aloe vera 

*Absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling smooth while it moisturizes 


Ingredients: active Ingredient: zinc oxide non-nano uncoated - 20%  Purpose - Sunscreen   Inactive Ingredients: Aqua, organic: unrefined coconut oil virgin sunflower seed oil, virgin apricot kernel oil, virgin shea nut butter, and aloe vera,  polysorbate 20 (fruit derived), cetearyl alcohol (vegetable derived), glyceryl stearate (derived from vegetables), & potassium sorbate.

2. COOL MINT broad spectrum all natural uva/uvb spf 50 all-natural beeswax lip balm providing maximum protection from extreme summer sun! 

Ingredients: organic beeswax, organic virgin fair trade coconut oil, organic  extra virgin olive oil, virgin red raspberry seed oil, organic castor oil, lanolin, vitamin E, rosemary extract, & organic essential oils of peppermint and carrot seed. 

3. If you are looking for the ultimate way to fight the bite from bugs like mosquitos, ticks, black flies, fleas, chiggers, and more but don’t want to harm beneficial bugs, including bees try He Be G-Bees’ Ultra Insect Repellent. Our repellent spent a long time in research and development to make sure that the organic essential oils we chose had a synergistic effect that offered prolonged maximum protection against bad bugs, but at the same time was not harmful to beneficial bugs or BEES, which is extremely important to us. In the end we settled on a one of a kind blend of 5 organic essential oils for their historic insect repelling properties: cedarwood (ethically harvested from trees that are NOT harvested for the purpose of essential oil extraction), rose geranium, myrrh, eucalyptus citriodora & peppermint. These essential oils work in harmony to create a scent unlike any other insect repellent on the market, reminiscent of woodland trails, actually helping you blend into the environment. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, organic witch hazel, and organic essential oils of cedarwood, rose geranium, myrrh, eucalyptus citriodora, & peppermint. 

4. Cool & Soothe spray - soothes & heals sunburns, refreshes/rehydrates skin, and provides relief of itching from insect bites, sunburns, poison ivy, eczema, & dermatitis.

Ingredients: distilled  water, organic witch hazel, and organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary, tea tree, & peppermint.  

Comes in 2 convenient sizes - 9.5oz bottles and 2.5oz travel size bottles (lip balm is .15oz)