Oceanic Basalt Aromatherapy Greek Leather Sliding Bracelet


At the heart of every handcrafted aromatherapy jewelry creation is an Ocean Basalt Stone (aka Lava Stone). Ocean Basalt is created from molten lava (rock that is heated to the point it becomes a liquid) that quickly cools and solidifies on the ocean floor. Once cooled, the Basalt becomes porous in nature, making it perfect for holding essential oils.


Due to the way it’s created, Ocean Basalt stones have energetic and healing properties associated with eruption, destruction, re-birth, and renewal. A stone of fire and strength, Ocean Basalt provides stamina and courage in times of need. Grounding and protective, it creates a shield of energy around the body when worn or carried. 


Apply 2-3 drops of essential oil directly to the Ocean Basalt stone every few days

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