Monster-Bee-Gone Spray 2oz


Monsters here, monsters there, monsters lurking everywhere.

In my room behind the door, in my closet, on my floor.

No need to fear, no need to hide, my monster spray is by my side.

I grab my spray, take aim and say “Monsters Monsters Go Away!”

The monsters run, the monsters flee & no more will they bother me!

Is there a child you know that has a monster affecting their ability to fall asleep or even stay asleep? Our MONSTER-BEE-GONE spray can help to solve the problem by giving the child the power to get rid of the monster! Simply read the above poem to the child and then give them their very own bottle of MONSTER-BEE-GONE spray.  As an added bonus, the spray is scented with organic lavender essential oil to help your little one relax and drift off to sleep.

Monster Repelling Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, & organic lavender essential oil.