Flea & Tick Shampoo, All-Natural, for Dogs & Cats CLOVE FREE 9.5oz


A revolutionary new product for fur baby parents…an all natural flea and tick shampoo that: 

*Repels & Kills Fleas AND Kills the ENTIRE Flea Life Cycle (eggs, larvae, pupae, & adult flea) 

*Repels & Kills ALL Ticks, including DEER TICKS 

*Repels Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Noseeums, Flies, & other bothersome bugs

*Great addition to our Flea & Tick spray for all-around prevention!

 *Is safe for dogs, cats, & human of all ages, including pregnant & nursing animals 

*Is safe for the environment, beneficial bugs, and BEES!

 *Deodorizes your pet’s fur while giving it a shiny and healthy coat!

 *Reduces pet’s stress levels while relieving dry, itchy, irritated skin and dermatitis! 

*Helps treat mange

 DID YOU KNOW THAT CLOVE (BUD AND LEAF) IS VERY TOXIC TO BOTH DOGS AND CATS? This is very bothersome to us at HE BE G-BEES as almost ALL of the “natural” flea and tick shampoos for pets contain clove oil. It is very toxic for dogs and extremely toxic for cats. It can build up in their system and actually be lethal! PLEASE READ THE LABEL IF IT HAS CLOVE, DO NOT USE IT! CATS ARE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO CHEMICALS, INSECTICIDES, HERBICIDES, & ESSENTIAL OILS! ONLY 4 ESSENTIAL OILS ARE SAFE TO USE ON CATS: CEDARWOOD, PEPPERMINT, LEMONGRASS, & ROSEMARY Cats are very unique. Unlike dogs, they are unable to metabolize essential oils except for the 4 listed above. ALL other essential oils are considered TOXIC to cats and can lead to serious illness, even death! PLEASE READ YOUR LABELS.

Ingredients:Aqua,  decyl Glucoside (plant derived), sea salt, xanthan gum, organic aloe vera leaf juice powder, citric acid, benzoic acid (plant derived preservative) & organic essential oils of cedarwood, lemongrass, & peppermint.