Deodorant 2.5oz - All Natural, aluminum free


After many requests from our loyal customers for a chemical-free, all natural deodorant that really works, the worker bees proudly present…deodorant!!!  Five hard-working ingredients (not counting a mighty essential oil triumvirate) do the job while maintaining maximum body health.  And we can assure you that He Be G-Bees top 5 have no relationship to the Big 5 Synthetic Chemicals in Conventional Deodorants:  Aluminum – (be aware that some “natural crystal deodorants” have this) in the underarm area has been found to change the way breast cells divide, contributing to cancer; also linked to Alzheimer’s Disease; Triclosan – (used in everything from toys to toothpaste) may alter hormones and may disrupt normal thyroid function; Propylene Glycol (PEG) aka antifreeze – helps other chemicals get deeper into the skin (e.g. penetration enhancer); Environmental Working Group classifies PEG as carrying a moderate risk of immunotoxicity and allergies; Parabens – known to disrupt hormone function which is linked to increased risk of breast cancer, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and skin irritation; Fragrances – many chemicals can be hidden under the label of “fragrance” without disclosing them.  An example is phthalates, a known neurotoxin that can stimulate an allergic reaction.  It has also been linked to diabetes, obesity, cancer, fertility problems, and developmental disorders.  Be aware that “unscented” products can contain “masking fragrances” – chemicals used to cover up the odor of other chemicals!

To keep you smelling fresh (and not sacrificing your health to do so…) our deodorant contains:

Shea Butter – non-oily moisturizer rich in skin soothing Vitamin E…absorbs quickly when applied

Cocoa Butter – rich in Vitamin E, manganese, calcium, iron, and zinc…nourishes skin while improving the glide of the solid stick

Kaolin Clay – more gentle than baking soda (which some find irritating)…helps neutralize odor

Magnesium – blocks odor…an essential co-factor for over 300 enzyme driven reactions in human body

Beeswax – gives protective barrier yet allows skin to breathe

Bergamot – a light, delicate, refreshing essential oil reminiscent of orange and lemon with slight floral overtones; antiseptic and deodorant properties

Clary Sage – an essential oil with an herbal, nutty aroma; antiseptic and deodorant properties

Sandalwood – this exotic essential oil is woody, sweet, subtle, and lingering; a balancing oil with antiseptic properties that soften and relieve itching and inflammation   


Ingredients: organic unrefined shea butter, organic unrefined fair trade cocoa butter, magnesium salts, kaolin clay, organic beeswax, & organic essential oils of clary sage, bergamot, & sandalwood.