BUG BUSTERS - Insecticide All Natural Eco-Friendly 17.5oz


Looking for a natural way to rid your home of unwanted pesky insects such as ant, fleas, roaches, lice, and bed bugs? We have an eco-friendly solution that is not only safe to use around cats, dogs, and people of all ages but smells great too! Our Bug Busters (named by 5 year old Teddy) kills pesky bothersome bugs on contact yet won't harm beneficial bugs including BEES (which many of of the. other all natural insecticides can't say as they contain hydrated silica which KILLS BEES). 

*If you you plan on traveling this summer, prevent unwanted souvenirs (aka bed bugs and fleas) by spraying your luggage inside and out. 

*Does your job require you to go into another person's home? Just spritz yourself and your bag/briefcase to prevent unwanted guests from returning with you.

Ingredients: Organic vinegar, distilled water, and organic essential oils of cedarwood (ethically acquired from trees not harvested for the sole purpose of essential oils), rosemary, lemongrass, & peppermint.