Bella's Doggie Pumpkin Cookies - Organic


Bella's Doggie Pumpkin Cookies are baked fresh daily with organic ingredients, including New Hampshire Pumpkins! 36 cookies per bag.

The Benefits of PUMPKIN for Dogs:

·     Excellent source of fiber

·     Low in fat and cholesterol

·     Helps with constipation & diarrhea

·     Packed with fatty acids & antioxidants

·     Aids in the prevention of cancer thanks to vitamin A, beta carotene, potassium, & iron

·     Helps to keep the urinary tract clean thanks to the oils

·     Strengthens the coat & increases the shine

·     Soothes & softens the skin while helping to relieve itching

·     Contains the amino acid cucurbitin which acts a natural dewormer

·     DOGS LOVE THE TASTE (just ask Bella)

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