Lip Balm - SPF15

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He Be G-Bees lip balm “flavors” are really lip-safe “scents” made with pure essential oils that are food grade or the juice from the fruit.  They “smell”, but do not taste.  They are used to scent your lips. Tubes are .15oz


Commercial products that seem to have a taste actually use an artificial sweetener that tricks your brain into thinking you taste the flavor when you actually smell it.  If you add a sweetener to lip balm, the user tends to lick their lips, which is drying and harmful to your lips.

Ingredients: certified organic beeswax, certified organic sweet almond oil, certified organic coconut oil, Vitamin E, certified organic castor oil, ROE extract, lanolin, and food grade organic essential oils or fruit juice:

Zesty Mint - peppermint, tea tree, & clove

Mint-Bee-Good - peppermint

Key Lime Pie - key lime

Citrus Mint - spearmint & grapefruit

Sweet Orange - sweet orange  

Lavender Fields - lavender    

Warm Vanilla Sugar - vanilla absolute

Cinnamon Swirl -  cinnamon bark and vanilla absolute

Minty Cocoa - cacao absolute & peppermint

Tutti Frutti - caramelized organic sugar, apple juice, strawberry juice, & cherry juice powders

Caramel Apple - caramelized organic sugar, apple juice powder

Blue Cotton Candy - vanilla absolute & almond extract

Tropical Sunrise - powdered pineapple juice, powdered coconut, & organic orange essential oil

Sassy Strawberry - powdered strawberry juice

Wild Watermelon - powdered watermelon juice