Lavender Calm Lotion – 2.5oz


A lotion specially designed to calm the body & mind and aid in reduction of anxiety & stress while offering a natural spf protection of 15.


Featuring Barreme Lavender for maximum benefits!

*All natural

*Calms the body & mind

*Aids in reduction of anxiety & stress

*Improves sleep quality

*Helps alleviate insomnia & enhance sleep quality

Ingredients: Aqua, organic: unrefined coconut oil virgin sunflower seed oil, virgin apricot kernel oil, virgin shea nut butter, and aloe vera,  polysorbate 20 (fruit derived), cetearyl alcohol (vegetable derived), glyceryl stearate (derived from vegetables), & potassium sorbate and organic Barreme lavender essential oil.
Directions: Shake well before use.