Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs, Cats, & the Home! All-Natural, CLOVE FREE 16.5oz


Our all-natural CLOVE FREE FLEA & TICK spray is a truly unique product that treats both fur babies & the home. It Repels & Kills Fleas AND Kills the ENTIRE Flea Life Cycle (egg, larvae, pupae, & adult). It Repels/Kills Ticks & other bothersome bugs!



DIRECTIONS: Shake Well Before Each Use

You will notice right away that our non-staining, grease-free product is different from all the rest as we have chosen a fine mist sprayer to apply the product in a 16oz bottle that you can see into. We chose cobalt blue bottles as it protects the essential oils and helps them to maintain their therapeutic properties, plus you will know exactly when it is time to order more so you never run out. Many of the other flea & tick pet sprays out there use trigger sprayers or compressed air sprayers. Not only are they loud but they spray with such a force that they can be both frightening and painful to sensitive fur babies. Not to mention the fact that neither really control the amount of product they deliver with each use. We chose to go with the fine mist sprayer for three reasons: 1. It is extremely quiet   2. Because it creates tiny droplets of liquid, it is so gentle that most pets don’t even notice the wetness (bonus if you’re using it on a cat…we use it on 12!)   3. It delivers a consistent amount of product with each use…not to much, not to little…just right!

FUR BABIES (DOGS & CATS): While misting the body, tummy, legs, & tail, rub the coat on the opposite direction direction of fur growth. For face, ears, & neck, spray onto hands or cloth first and then apply, avoiding eyes and nose pad. Do not soak your pet, only spritz. If your pet is afraid of the spray sound or feel (some cats and small dogs are), spray or pour onto your hands and give your fur baby a massage. You both get some wonderful one-on-one time and you get the added benefit of lowered blood pressure and stress levels!!!  Safe for daily use. For best results, use every 2-3 days or before visiting untreated areas.

HOME: Preventative– spray pet bedding, furniture, carpet, & play areas weekly or every other week.

Elimination of Flea Life Cycle– spray ALL flooring, furniture, & pet bedding thoroughly on a daily basis until gone (fleas are great at hiding, it takes about a week to find them all)

Ingredients: distilled water, organic witch hazel, and organic essentials oils of cedarwood, lemongrass, and peppermint.

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