Chakra Gemstone (genuine) & Oceanic Basalt Aromatherapy Necklace


At the heart of every handcrafted aromatherapy jewelry creation is an Ocean Basalt Stone. Porous in nature, Oceanic Basalt is perfect for holding essential oils and when worn, your body natural heats the oils, making this a truly unique diffuser.

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The seven Chakras are wheels of energy within our bodies that our energy flows through. When your Chakras are aligned and balanced, you feel energized, grounded and centered—making Chakra cleansing extremely important for your overall health and wellbeing. Each unique piece of jewelry is created by hand from the finest authentic natural gemstones that represent the 7 Chakras to help you with Chakra healing & balancing:


Hematite/Red Coral (first Root Chakra) – brings stability and grounding energies to connect you with the energy of the Earth.


Carnelian/Tiger Eye (second Sacral Chakra) – to infuse your body with creativity, passion and courage.


Citrine (third Solar Plexus Chakra) – energizes your body, filling it with light, happiness and joy.


Rose Quartz/Green Aventurine (fourth Heart Chakra) – bringing unconditional love and helping to open up your heart.


Sodalite/Turquoise/Lapis Lazuli (fifth Throat Chakra) – facilitates open communication and truth.


Amethyst (sixth Brow Chakra) – brings intuitive and spiritual energies.


Clear Quartz Crystal (seventh Crown Chakra) – bringing clarity, enlightenment and self-realization.


To the Chakra stones we also add our signature Oceanic Basalt stone, transforming the jewelry into wearable diffusers.

Oceanic Basalt Stones have energetic and healing properties associated with eruption, destruction, re-birth, and renewal. A stone of fire and strength, Oceanic Basalt provides stamina and courage in times of need. Grounding and protective, it creates a shield of energy around the body when worn or carried. Due to its porous nature, Basalt is perfect for holding essential oils.


Apply 2-3 drops of essential oil directly to the Ocean Basalt stone every few days

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Basalt Color

Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Brown, Cream, Gold, Light Blue, Light Green, Purple, Red, Rose, White