CBD-DOG CALM 150MG – 10ml


Full spectrum unrefined organic CBD oil enhanced with the therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils in a convenient to use roller bottle. Helps relieve stress/anxiety such as fireworks (situational) and separation (behavioral).



Full spectrum unrefined organic CBD oil from industrial hemp cold pressed from Denmark 

Darker and rawer…

the way mother nature intended!


*Enhanced with the therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, & geranium

*Helps relieve situational stress/anxiety caused travel, fireworks, lightning/thunderstorms, having company over, etc 

*Helps relieve separation anxiety

*Soothing & calming

*Easily absorbs into the skin

DIRECTIONS: Shake Bottle. Gently separate fur to reveal skin. Apply behind both ears at the base where the ear meets the skull and at base of tail where it meets the spine.  NOT FOR USE ON CATS OR BIRDS

Behavioral Anxiety: apply 3 times per day, may reapply as needed for acute symptoms

Situational Anxiety: apply as needed prior to a situation that is known to cause anxiety

Ingredients: Organic unrefined full spectrum CBD oil with a healing custom blend of organic essentials of  lavender, lemongrass, & geranium

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.