Paw Balm – Serious paw pad protection for Dogs & Cats!


Alpine Paw Balm can help protect pads against dryness, cracking, deicer, & gravel. But you don’t have to reserve Alpine Paw Balm for only winter, this balm is great at protecting paw pads from hot sand/sidewalks/asphalt/gravel.




Paw pads need special attention to remain healthy, especially in the winter and summer. Deicers are extremely toxic to animals. When going outside for a walk, dogs can come in contact with deicers on the road and sidewalks. The chemicals in the deicer is then absorbed through their paw pads and can be ingested if they lick their paws. Other  winter paw pad hazards include snowballs / iceballs that clump on the fur on the bottom of the paws, extremely dry pads that can crack, and even frostbite.  During the summer, hot sand, sidewalks,  and roads can burn paw pads causing them to blister and peel. Alpine Paw Balm is an organic, non-toxic balm designed for our furry friends to help prevent year round paw injuries by creating a protective barrier between the pads and the environment, Paw Balm can help protect pads against dryness, cracking, deicer, & gravel.  Don’t forget about the nose…Paw Balm can be applied directly to your dog’s nose to prevent dryness, cracking, and sunburns  too!  As dogs age, they become especially susceptible to paw pad and nose pad injuries, including burns.

Paw Balm isn’t just for dogs, cats can use it too!

Ingredients: organic calendula infused olive oil, organic unrefined fair trade coconut oil,  organic unrefined shea butter, vitamin E, & organic beeswax