Essential Oils

From Botanical to Bottle-Purity & Quality, Our Essential Oil Gold Standard!

At He Be G-Bees our philosophy is simple, essential oils are plant based medicine that have the ability to impact the mind, body, and soul! They have the ability to heal, nurture, comfort, and protect. However not all essential oils are made equal. It can be difficult to tell a quality oil from subpar ones, jeopardizing the therapeutic benefits of the oil. So what steps can be taken to help choose a quality oil?

1. Make sure the label has the botanical (latin) name on it

2. Make sure the label has the country of origin for the plant material

3. Make sure the label states that it is 100% pure

4. Is the cost comparable? (We’re not talking over inflated to pay for a name, but also not bargain basement either).

5. Most importantly does it have the correct smell? (this may be a little tricky if you are used to poor quality oils)

6. Does the label state the process used for creating the oil (i.e distilled, cold pressed, etc)

Essential oils come from plants. There are a lot of factors that can effect the final quality of the essential oil. At He Be G-Bees, we have very strict guidelines for the plants used for our essential oils.

1. They must be indigenously grown and pesticide free

2. Harvest must take place at the correct time of year AND must be done sustainably

3. At all times, the plants and humans involved MUST be treated with kindness and respect

At He Be G-Bees, it is important to us that all of our raw ingredients, including plant material, are fair trade AND never tested on our fur friends!