About Us


He Be G-Bees is a family owned and operated New Hampshire company that makes all-natural eco-friendly products for people, pets, and the home including CBD products for people & pets, essential oils, and the first ever sensory sensitive sunscreen! Our philosophy is simple we only get one BODY and one EARTH, feed them well! Your skin is your largest organ and literally eats everything it comes into contact with. What you put on your skin or your pet’s eventually goes back into the environment to “feed” our planet…the same holds true for the products you use around your home. Our products are created using botanically derived ingredients that are organic (local and fair trade when available…actually we grow many of the herbs, flowers, and vegetables that we use in our products including the catnip), sustainably harvested, and unrefined. By using unrefined raw ingredients and minimal processing to make our products, we are creating healthy “food” for the skin and toxin-free products for the home that are people, pet, and earth friendly, all while leaving a small footprint on the environment! Our products and raw ingredients are never tested on animals and our products, including insect products never harm beneficial bugs, including BEES!